Banishment Portal

Banishment portal 03

The Banishment Portal allows you to banish captured heroes. After banishing a hero, you will receive a boost to attack, HP and march speed based on the level of your Banishment Portal.

LevelTimeRequirementsGilFoodMetalStoneEnergyHero XPPower+Attack+HP+March Speed
11:50Citadel 20215 gil170 food505 metal960 stone70 energy60121%1%1%
22:30Prison 2160 gil125 food370 metal705 stone55 energy80181%1%1%
33:20Prison 3275 gil215 food640 metal1,225 stone90 energy90241%1%2%
44:30Prison 4475 gil370 food1,115 metal2,120 stone160 energy100302%2%2%
56:00Prison 5825 gil645 food1,930 metal3,675 stone275 energy110363%3%3%
68:10Prison 61,435 gil1,115 food3,345 metal6,370 stone480 energy120423%3%3%
713:10Prison 72,485 gil1,930 food5,795 metal11,035 stone830 energy140484%4%4%
822:20Prison 84,305 gil3,345 food10,040 metal19,130 stone1,435 energy150545%5%4%
939:20Prison 97,460 gil5,800 food17,405 metal33,155 stone2,485 energy180606%6%5%
101:07:50Prison 1012,930 gil10,055 food30,165 metal57,460 stone4,310 energy270667%7%5%
112:00:00Prison 1120,640 gil16,055 food48,160 metal91,735 stone6,880 energy390728%8%6%
123:32:20Prison 1231,620 gil24,590 food73,775 metal140,530 stone10,540 energy570789%9%6%
149:41:30Prison 1464,830 gil50,425 food151,270 metal288,135 stone21,610 energy1,1009011%11%7%
1515:29:10Prison 1589,825 gil122,260 food209,590 metal399,220 stone29,940 energy1,44011512%12%8%
1623:12:40Prison 16143,400 gil111,535 food334,605 metal637,340 stone155,350 energy2,05016613%13%8%
171d 20:19:30Prison 17300,910 gil234,040 food702,125 metal1,671,730 stone100,305 energy3,85031614%14%9%
182d 15:25:00Prison 18528,705 gil411,215 food1,542,050 metal2,349,790 stone176,235 energy5,47045015%15%9%
193d 15:05:30Prison 191,085,715 gil675,555 food2,026,670 metal3,860,320 stone579,050 energy7,46061716%16%10%
204d 22:45:00Prison 20152,068 coin946,205 food2,838,610 metal5,408,875 stone50,690 essence9,79081117%17%10%