Energy Extractor

Energyextractor 04

The Energy Extractor produces all tiers of energy and determines your production capacity for energy.

LevelTimeRequirementsGilFoodMetalStoneEnergyHero XPPowerProd per hourProd Cap
11:10-130 gil100 food310 metal590 stone40 energy601250 energy25,000 energy
21:30-160 gil80 food230 metal430 stone30 energy701890 energy29,000 energy
32:00-170 gil130 food390 metal750 stone60 energy9024190 energy33,000 energy
42:40-290 gil230 food680 metal1,300 stone100 energy10030350 energy40,000 energy
53:40Citadel 5510 gil390 food1,180 metal2,250 stone170 energy11036600 energy48,000 energy
65:00Citadel 6880 gil680 food2,050 metal3,900 stone290 energy12042900 energy58,000 energy
76:50Citadel 71,520 gil1,180 food3,550 metal6,760 stone510 energy130481,300 energy70,000 energy
89:10Citadel 82,640 gil2,050 food6,150 metal11,720 stone880 energy150541,700 energy84,000 energy
912:20Citadel 94,570 gil3,550 food10,660 metal20,310 stone1,520 energy160602,090 energy95,000 energy
1021:20Citadel 107,920 gil6,160 food18,480 metal35,190 stone2,640 energy170682,520 energy105,300 energy
1137:20Citadel 1112,640 gil9,830 food29,500 metal56,190 stone4,210 energy180722,890 energy116,450 energy
121:05:30Citadel 1219,370 gil15,060 food45,190 metal86,070 stone6,460 energy210783,280 energy126,400 energy
131:49:30Citadel 1328,390 gil22,080 food66,250 metal126,190 stone9,460 energy290843,680 energy135,750 energy
142:58:40Citadel 1439,710 Gil30,880 Food92,650 Metal176,480 Stone13,240 Energy380903,990 energy144,200 energy
1504:45:10Citadel 1555,020 gil74,890 food128,370 metal244,520 stone18,340 energy480964,290 energy151,450 energy
167:07:10Citadel 1687,830 Gil68,320 Food204,950 Metal390,370 Stone95150 Energy670102

4,500 energy

560 essence

157,200 energy

19,650 essence

1713:35:00Citadel 17184,310 Gil143,350 Food430,050 Metal1,023,930 Stone61,440 Energy1220108

4,730 energy

590 essence

160,600 energy

20,080 essence

1819:25:50Citadel 18161,915 Gil125,935 Food472,255 Metal19,625 Stone53,970 Energy1720138

4,850 energy

610 essence

162,500 energy

20,210 essence

191d 02:04:50Citadel 19332,500 Gil206,890 Food620,655 Stone1,182,225 Stone177,335 Energy2330189

5,500 energy

690 essence

179,500 energy

22,440 essence

201d 12:22:40Citadel 2046,570 coin289,775 food869,325 metal1,655,855 stone15,525 essence3,040248

6,000 energy

750 essence

197,500 energy

24,690 essence