Hospital Ward

Hospitalward 02

Hospital Wards increase the capacity of your Hospital. Hospital Wards level 10 and above also grant an HP bonus to your troops.

LevelTimeRequirementsGilFoodMetalStoneEnergyHero XPPowerInjured Troop Capacity+HP

Hospital 1

Citadel 1

140 gil110 food320 metal600 stone50 energy6012+100-
21:30Citadel 2100 gil80 food230 metal440 stone30 energy7018+200-

Hospital 3

Citadel 3

170 gil130 food400 metal760 stone60 energy9024+300-
42:40Citadel 4300 gil400 food700 metal1320 stone100 energy10030+400-

Hospital 5

Citadel 5

520 gil400 food1,210 metal2,300 stone170 energy11036+500-
65:00Citadel 6900 gil700 food2,090 metal3,980 stone300 energy12042+600-

Hospital 7

Citadel 7

1,550 gil1,210 food3,620 metal6,900 stone520 energy13048+700-
89:10Citadel 82,690 gil2,090 food6,280 metal11,960 stone900 energy15054+800-

Hospital 9

Citadel 9

4,660 gil3,630 food10,880 metal20,720 stone1,150 energy16060+900-
1021:50Citadel 108,080 gil6,280 food18,850 metal35,910 stone2,690 energy17066+1,000.1%
1138:00Hospital 1112,900 gil10,030 food30,100 metal57,330 stone4,300 energy18072+1,200.2%
121:06:50Citadel 1219,760 gil15,370 food46,110 metal87,830 stone6,590 energy22078+1,400.4%
131:51:50Hospital 1328,970 gil22,530 food67,600 metal128,760 stone9,660 energy29084+1,600.6%
143:02:20Citadel 1440,520 gil31,510 food94,540 metal180,080 stone13,510 energy38090+1,800.8%
154:50:50Hospital 1556,140 gil76,410 food130,990 metal249,510 stone18,710 energy49096+2,0001%
167:15:50Citadel 1689,630 gil69,710 food209,130 metal398,340 stone97,100 energy680102+2,2001.2%
1713:51:40Hospital 1794,035 gil73,140 food219,415 metal522,415 stone31,345 energy1,240108+2,4001.4%
1819:49:40Citadel 18165,220 gil128,505 food481,890 metal734,310 stone55,075 energy1,750141+2,6001.6%
191d 03:13:30Citadel 19678,570 gil422,220 food1,266,670 metal2,412,700 stone361,910 energy2,370193+2,8001.8%
201d 13:07:10Citadel 2047,523 coin295,690 food887,065 metal1,689,650 stone15,840 essence3,100253+3,0002%