Prison 03

The Prison allows you to hold captured heroes. Higher level prisons allow you to hold the captured heroes for longer. Additionally, at level 30 the Prison gives an attack bonus based on the highest level of any heroes in your prison.

LevelTimeRequirementsGilFoodMetalStoneEnergyHero XPPowerBenefits
11:50Citadel 15380 gil290 food880 metal1,680 stone130 energy6012Detention Time Decrease +2:00:00
22:30Citadel 15280 gil220 food650 metal1,230 stone90 energy8018Detention Time Decrease +7:00
33:20Citadel 15480 gil370 food1,120 metal2,140 stone160 energy9024Detention Time Decrease +13:00
44:30Citadel 15830 gil650 food1,950 metal3,710 stone280 energy10030Detention Time Decrease +16:00
56:00Citadel 151,450 gil1,130 food3,380 metal6,430 stone480 energy11036Detention Time Decrease +20:00
68:10Citadel 152,510 gil1,950 food5,850 metal11,140 stone840 energy12042Detention Time Decrease +22:00
711:40Citadel 154,350 gil3,380 food10,140 metal19,310 stone1,450 energy14048Detention Time Decrease +25:00
819:40Citadel 157,530 gil5,860 food17,570 metal33,470 stone2,510 energy15054Detention Time Decrease +27:00
934:30Citadel 1513,050 gil10,150 food30,460 metal58,020 stone4,350 energy16060Detention Time Decrease +28:00
1059:30Citadel 1522,620 gil17,600 food52,790 metal100,550 stone7,540 energy24066Detention Time Decrease +31:00
111:45:00Citadel 1536,120 gil28,090 food84,280 metal160,530 stone12,040 energy35072Detention Time Decrease +32:00
123:05:50Citadel 1555,330 gil43,040 food129,110 metal245,920 stone18,440 energy50078Detention Time Decrease +34:00
135:11:30Citadel 1581,120 gil63,090 food189,280 metal360,540 stone27,040 energy71084Detention Time Decrease +36:00
148:28:50Citadel 1556,725 gil44,120 food132,360 metal252,115 stone18,910 energy97090Detention Time Decrease +37:00
1513:33:00Citadel 15157,190 gil213,960 food366,780 metal698,640 stone52,400 energy1,270101Detention TIme +39:00
1620:18:40Citadel 16125,475 gil97,595 food292,780 metal557,675 stone135,935 energy1,800145Detention Time Decrease +39:00
171d 14:47:10Citadel 17263,295 gil204,785 food614,360 metal1,462,765 stone87,765 energy3,380276Detention Time Decrease +42:00
182d 07:29:30Citadel 18462,615 gil359,810 food1,349,295 metal2,056,065 stone154,205 energy4,790394Detention Time Decrease +42:00
193d 04:12:20Citadel 191,900,000 gil1,182,220 food3,546,670 metal6,755,560 stone1,013,330 energy6,540540Detention Time Decrease +44:00
204d 07:54:30Citadel 20133,060 coin827,930 food310,473 lead591,378 granite354,825 energy8,580710Detention Time Decrease +45:00